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The journey to a healthier you begins now. Ignite Fit Studio focuses on establishing body positivity in the community irrespective of age group and gender. We offer group and individual sessions for Zumba, Yoga, Combat Sports, Gymnasium, Badminton and Swimming. These sessions not only keep you fit physically but also mentally and spiritually with correct guidance nearby your location.


Nutrition isn’t just about eating, it’s about learning to live. Ignite Fit Fitness focuses on promoting healthy eating culture without crash diets. We provide a Nutritional Plate which helps you eat rightful at right time. With Ignite Fit, you can now get your customized meal plans with our expert dietician or get your healthy meals delivered to your doorstep too.

Our mission is to establish body positivity in the community to improve physically as well as mentally.

– Team Ignite Fit

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