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Our Mission

Ignite Fit is to establish body positivity in the community. Promoting healthy eating culture, fun workouts without crash diets, or any misleading information on Nutrition and workout. Bursting Myths around Spot reduction, unhealthy diets, boring workouts, posture correction, at-home exercises, etc. To improve yourself, not only physically but both mentally and spiritually.

Are you worried about your health? No worries we are here to support all the worries you faced related to your physical and mental health. Get your Customized Diet plan from us with an affordable range. We provide Zumba, Yoga, Gymnasium, Badminton, Swimming and Combat sports. Want more details about the services.

Our Team

Richa Chawla

Richa Chawla

Radhika Alpesh Birade

Rahul Nalam

Renila Bexcy

Mariam Darvesh